MARBLE INLAY also known as “Parchinkari” or  “Pietre dure” is the same art work which hasbeen usedon the walls and tombs of TAJ MAHAL built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in Agra (India)  in the 17th century and also in other Mughal monuments of Agra such as Agra fort, Itmatuddaula’s tomb

The Mughals of India used this art extensively in their architecture. A number of Mughal constructions in India are the glowing examples of this ancient art.

The art of inlay is a popular and highly appreciated form of art even in the modern era. It is still used extensively in making chests, boxes and musical instruments. The art is sure to possess its relevance even through the coming centuries

Inlay is an ancient decorative art. It involves inserting pieces of various materials into a base surface to form designs. The result can be highly picturesque and dazzling. This ancient technique is used to make decorative objects, furniture and floorings