Marble Inlay item:

Manufacturer , exporter , whole seller and retailer of table tops , plates , boxes , tiles and Manufacturer of designer flooring we are specialized in products like Marble Inlay , Flooring Patterns , Semiprecious gems, Artistic stones Onyx , Handmade & Mosaic  in Agra , India

Marble Inlay also known as “Parchinkari”, “Pietra dure” (The art of inlaying semi-precious stone in Marble and Wood ) is the same art work which has been used on the walls and tombs of The TAJMAHAL Which is built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in Agra (INDIA) In the 17 century. Mughal Inlay art is a remerkable feature of Mughal architecture in India and Inlay art was an instrument of dynamic expression in the great age of Mughal Empire and ShahJahan was the chief Patron of this work