AR INLAYS was established as a manufacturing, trading, supplying and an exporting company dealing in fine marble inlay decorative objects of marble.With support from our valued customers who buy from us in our factory as well as online, we have been able to keep this art alive.With the trust shown by our customers on us we have been able to carry on this inlay art. AR INLAYS have been one among the most reputed name in manufacturing of various Marble inlay Table tops ,Marble Taj Mahal Replica, Soapstone Aroma oil burners, Candle holders, Marble Inlaid Gift Box, Marble Stone Jewellery Box, Marble Inlay Decorative Plate, Round Marble Stone Plate, Inlay Marble Stone Plate, Marble Stone Inlay Plate, Stone Inlay Plate, Marble Stone Inlay Flower Vase, Marble Inlay Elephant, Marble Inlay Elephant Statue, Marble Inlay Flower Vase, Marble Inlaid Flower Vase, Marble Inlay Bud Vase, Stone Inlay Flower Vase, Inlaid Marble Stone Flower Vase



M. Alam an artist and a third generation craftman, began his journey with stone crafting as a boy in his uncle’s workshop. His natural ability and early exposure to the art of the precision guided him in his youthful exploration of design .while doing lot of art work he developed a quiet confidence and a vision for an artful design and a conscious life. He has been constantly pursuing his love of functional stone art and nature

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Service to Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Rich & Famous customers – The beauty of our inlay flooring etc. has captured the attention of many Interior Designers, Builders, architects, Rich & Famous customers all over India and abroad. We insure you that you will equally impress and that is possible if you give us opportunity to work at your site. We have a big staff of highly experienced craftsmen so we are fully equipped to meet any urgent and immediate demanded works both quality wise and quantity wise. We maintain the international quality standards in our company.

Established in the year 2007 at Agra, we “AR INLAY” are Proprietorship Company and acknowledged among the noteworthy manufacturers, designers of the best quality Wood Inlay, Metal Inlay, Stone Slabs, Inlay Handicrafts, Inlay Marble Flooring, Inlay Table Tops etc.

Inlay is an ancient decorative art. It involves inserting pieces of various materials into a base surface to form designs. The result can be highly picturesque and dazzling. This ancient technique is used to make decorative objects, furniture and flooring.

The materials for inlaying are many. Wood, metal, ivory, camel bone and even pearls and shells are used for this art. As any other ancient handicraft, the origin of this art also lies shrouded in the mist of history. However, this art is said to have an Islamic origin. Some say that it originated with the Iranian signet makers. There are evidences of the Egyptians using this art from a very early age in the history.

This is an art that calls for a high level of patience and artistry. The designs are first drawn on the material that is used for the inlay, be it wood, metal, or shell. The cutting out of these designs from the whole material is a very cumbersome task. A delicate saw called coping saw is used for this.

The carefully cut pieces are then sorted out and kept aside. Now it is time for drawing the intricate design on the base surface. The carving out of niches in this design is another job that requires patience and skill. The niches should be perfect beds for the previously cut pieces.

The third step is inserting the cut pieces of inlay into the slots. When all the pieces are inserted into the niches, it will collectively produce a magnificent work of art. The smoothing and polishing the surface will perfect the images

With the utmost skill and accuracy we compose minuscule inlays, stone by stone, creating marvelous colorful tapestries in different colored .

  1. Stone inlay work
  2. Wooden inlay  work
  3. Metal inlay work
  4. Mother of pearl inlay work