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    • Marble set

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    • Lapis Lazuli Table Top 057

      These Table tops are loved by people for their beauty and are used as dining, coffee and side table tops. These are the most popular inlay items and are available with or without the base.Table tops placed on marble base with inlay makes a beautiful set.
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    • Vases 065

      A pair was made by us of these two marble vases and the design was custom made along with the flowers and traditional design our customer asked us to put birds also.So we put Peacocks and Parrots also in the design which turned out to be beautiful combination.
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    • Photo Frames 075

      The handmade white  marble inlaid decorative photo frame is a fine master piece made by the skilled artisan. It is inlaid with natural semiprecious stones. You can see in the pictures that how beautifully the floral design is made on the photo frame with the semiprecious stones.This photo frame will add great beauty to your home. 
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    • Coaster set 085

      When you're entertaining guests in your living room or dining room or out on the patio, you want your decor to impress. At the same time, you want to make sure that your furniture looks just as good when your guests go home as it did when they arrived. The Handmade Round White Marble Drink Coasters with Holder let you keep your tables perfectly protected while still making the perfect impression upon your company.
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    • Tiles 0115

      Marble floor designs is customized to the architecture and the interior design of the unique space. Our team of designers works with you to ensure that our marble inlay, whether for the floor, wall, or ceiling, is in keeping with your interior or exterior project. An intricately crafted custom marble inlay flooring design is an exquisite decor element that can make your home or property to feel like a timeless work of art. Our team of innovative flooring inlay designers creates distinctive, custom marble mosaics and inlays for homes and businesses. With our refined tastes and thorough understanding of the most elegant materials.
       we can transform your space while highlighting your unique individuality.
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